Thursday, April 1, 2010

French Fraise-a-Day

"French Fraise-a-Day"

French Fraise

I am on a mission to re-learn French! I used to speak when I went to a French Elementary school and completely lost it through the years. Well, I am now determined to learn it again so when I go to back to France I can tell off that cab driver who took me around the same block twice just so that I'd have to pay him more! I'm no idiot, mister!

So, I am going to post a phrase or quote a day so that anyone who wants to, can learn a little bit along with me :)

Let's start with something easy to begin with:

"Je voudrais une fraise, s'il vous plait." -- "I would like a strawberry, please"

(Zhuh voodreh oo(n) frez, seel voo pleh)

Hehe I wanted to pick something that had the word "fraise" (strawberry) in it!



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  1. such a fantastic idea! finally had a chance to answer your questions -- apologies for taking so long, and thanks for your lovely comment + following :)