Monday, December 7, 2009

Daniela says: "Make your own world"

When I saw this photo, I fell in love. This is how I imagine my life. Feminine, beautiful, full of lovely surprises. I want to have an apartment like this one day and live in it with my sister and my girl friends. Part of me wants to just keep beautifully wrapped up gifts around the house as decor sometimes--even if they are empty! And that chaise with the canopy, the painting in the background, the high ceilings, the colors--everything that I live for! Granted, I have a weakness for modern Italian furnishings but I think my truly heart rests here, in a place where any woman would feel like a queen (I find that so often we don't).
--Oh my word! Before finishing up this post, I decided to Google Imaged Chris Everard. To get you in the spirit of the holidays (or shoe shopping--like any of us need inspiration for that!):

OK, I am totally going crazy for this next photo...BE my life!

Not enough for you? Well I just found See you all soon, I'm about to go check that link out and indulge in some fantasies! Raspberry tarts anyone?
P.S. Click on the photos to make them bigger!

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