Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Daniela Loves Lingerie {I}

This drawing is just adorable!!!!!!
And so it begins...
My first blog (of many, I'm sure) on lingerie! I just love everything about it. Lace, silk, high waist, low waist, stockings, cutesy, pin-up styles, polka dots, pink, black...even good old cotton. Sometimes simple, sometimes embellished --there's something for every mood. I wish I could just wear pants and bra or a shirt and underwear...paired of course with some nice shoes and jewelry...and a big faux fur coat in the winter.

Speaking of lingerie--Tonight is the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on CBS! Unfortunately, I won't be watching it tonight, but I will save it on my DVR until I can get some girls over.

P.S. If you click the photo it will expand and you can see all the adorable details! If someone knows the artist please let me know!

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