Monday, March 29, 2010

Individual Ingredients

Do you ever wonder what exactly is in your food? I'm talking about the health benefits and nutrients in the individual ingredients you consume everyday.

Carolina Hummel is an aspiring chef and a bona fide fashionista with a talent for picking out both common and unusual individual ingredients and then creating recipes that not only feature, but enhance the special flavor unique to that single item. She infuses her love of all things beautiful (and tasty) in the kitchen. You won't find extremely complicated, expensive to compile recipes. I like to call her a modern minimalist chef--only the most functional and necessary elements are used. And boy, does she love ginger!

Ingredients blogged on so far include:
-String bean (her specialty)

You can find her blog here!



  1. Thank you--we are following you too now. I love your sense of style.